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CIM Solutions brings together some of the most important expertise of the metrology field with the aim of combining the professionalism and skills accumulated over many years of experience in the industry.

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In a constantly changing world, it is important to rely on the expertise and qualification of the professionals.
Our Mission is to provide the top services and products for dimensional metrology, in order to face the challenge of industry 4.0.


Metrology Gate is a platform for Industry 4.0 that manages dimensional metrology data, monitors the operation of the measuring instruments, runs statistical process control and allows a real-time view of all connected devices (CMMs, portable arms, roughness meters, 3D laser scanners). 

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TouchDMIS is the full-feature dimensional metrology software developed to offer maximum user-experience.
With its innovative and unique user interface that abandon the old-fashioned Windows style, TouchDMIS brings into the metrology industry the modern touch functionality that the CMM operators were missing.

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